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Is it possible to eat green potatoes


Potatoes - this is a product that just never comes out of our consumption. Therefore, the demands on the quality of this product is justified. Whether we grow potatoes ourselves, or buy them in a store, from time to time we come across tubers with a green skin.

Can I eat green potatoes

Potatoes with greens can not be eaten even if the skin is cut with a thick layer.

The reason for the appearance of greenery is the natural ability of this plant to replicate itself. Sunlight, falling on the tuber, starts the process of photosynthesis, which colors it in green.

This plant belongs to the family Solanaceae, therefore contains in its structure the harmful poison solanine. It is a poisonous glycoalkaloid produced by a family of solanaceous. The increased content is in the green parts of the plant, especially in the leaves, berries and green roots.

In the tubers themselves, the content of this poison does not exceed 0.05%. But, after the tubers begin to affect the sun's ultraviolet and infrared rays, the content of solanine cutting increases significantly.

What will happen if you eat green potatoes and is it harmful?

If you make a dish of green potato tubers and eat it, the worst thing that can happen is gastrointestinal upset.

Green potatoes are not suitable for cooking

If this substance enters the human or animal body in an amount 300 - 400 mgmay be the most tragic outcome.

In order to get poisoned by solanine, you need to eat not less than two kilograms of fresh, green, unpeeled potatoes. The constant use of such potatoes also negatively affects the body, accumulating the concentration of solanine in the blood.

If there are green parts in the potato, they can be cut. When cooking, the action of solanine decreases due to the fact that part of the poison goes into the water. But if there is an opportunity, it is better not to risk your health, and the health of your loved ones, why not use potatoes of dubious quality for food.

Always discard green potato tubers.

Solanine is more dangerous for children, elderly people, pregnant women and people with chronic diseases.

Always cull green tubers

The first symptoms, in case of poisoning with green potatoes, can be:

  • irritation of the gastric mucosa, which leads either to nausea and vomiting, or to cramps in the stomach and diarrhea,
  • the work of the heart muscle is disturbed, which is accompanied by heavy breathing, a decrease in pressure and an arrhythmic pulse,
  • happens depression of the nervous system, disorientation,
  • dilated pupils,
  • temperature increase and decomposition of red blood cells
  • in some cases seizures and even coma.

What to do in case of poisoning

  1. If the symptoms are severe, then first need to call an ambulance.
  2. Then we do the gastric lavage with a weak solution of potassium permanganate (potassium permanganate). For an adult, we prepare a three-liter jar of a solution of a weak pink color (if necessary, dilute another jar).
  3. Artificially induce vomiting (adults only).
  4. After washing, give activated carbon. If necessary, give a laxative.
  5. The visiting doctor can conduct intravenous rehydration (saturation of the body with water) using a sterile solution of sodium chloride. This process helps with dehydration, obtained after washing the stomach.
In case of any poisoning, be sure to consult a doctor.


Greened tubers are better preserved in the underground until spring, are less susceptible to deterioration, and have much better germination in spring than normal ones. Even the rats are less affected by the potatoes, which turned green.

Despite the fact that such a potato is poisonous, it has its own purpose. Gardeners specially spread it in a thin layer in a warm and well-lit room. so that it acquires a greenish color and there are good and thick shoots.

Green potatoes are germinated and used for planting

Some even take it out during the day on the balcony or loggia to the tubers got ultraviolet light hardened, and began the process of photosynthesis. To make the process more uniform, the tubers, as they turn green, turn "not green" sideways to the sun.

The plant will be more resilient and less prone to various diseases.

Thanks to these not tricky manipulations, potato harvest can be obtained 15 - 20 days earlier than usual ripening, and the yield from one bush will increase by an order.

When buying food in a store, pay special attention to the color of potato tubers, and the presence of sprouts on them. The green color and the presence of germs suggest that the process of photosynthesis is running, and the amount of solanine increased several times.

And, on the contrary, when choosing potatoes for planting, give preference to green tubers with large and thick sprouts. He will bring you a harvest much earlier than ordinary potatoes.

Do not forget about hilling. It not only makes the soil loose, and stimulates the growth of plant tubers, but also protects them from the process of photosynthesis. Hilling the bottom of the plant at least twice a season.

If you see green sprouts on potatoes - do not purchase it for cooking